In my opinion, life is best shared over a good story and a glass of wine. Literature and libations: what could be a better pair? It occurred to me that two of my great passions in life, writing and wine, share many of the same elements. Beneath the cork of each bottle of wine, between each sip, are multiple layers of story: from the sun kissed vineyards that produced the grapes and the growers tending to each vine, to the winemakers creating the liquid poetry that swirls in the glasses of old friends sharing a memory. Conversely stories – as with good wine – showcase multiple layers of flavors: through the words that bring the story into being, as well as the words that go unspoken between each page; our own stories interjected into our experience of the tale. Both a good story and wine will linger on your palate, allowing you to savor them first in the moment, then once again in your memory.

“Notes From My Library” will be dedicated to my “Notes” (thoughts and musings on a particular story, as well as the flavors and aromas of a wine) that I have collected within my “Library” (my collection of both of wine and stories).

My hope is that through these Notes, you will find a morsel that lingers on your palate and eventually becomes part of your own Library.